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Multi-Level Marketing is all about getting the word out fast and getting to those potential customers and recruits before anyone else does. Because if you sign them first, then you get the commissions right? What faster way to market than via the Internet? The Internet exploded in the early to mid 90s and now most families wouldn’t know how to exist without it.
Many businesses have gone from mediocre sales to stellar all because of the Internet and its astounding capability to market products and fast. But before you go and put your business on the Internet, it’s important to realize that the Government has strict regulations regarding networking on the Internet. Most of which are for consumer protection and to help the consumer to avoid scams such as pyramids that take money and don’t give back returns.
Also, it is important to check with the Networking company you are with to make sure what their specific regulations garner in respect to the specific regulations they have about advertising their product. In most cases, this is to avoid representatives making fictitious claims about their product in which the company could be liable for. So they regulate what can and can’t be said about their company in order to have the company’s voice coming through the advertisement versus the individual sales representative’s voice.
The truth is companies are concerned that the individual affiliated with them could damage their reputation or even cause lawsuits that could get them into trouble. Also, they have a large marketing department that have brainstormed and developed specific marketing strategies for the sale of their product. They would like to believe their well-paid marketing dollars and campaign is going to good use. Also many companies offer a site for your business through their company.
Most all of the sites look the same due to the they are indicative of the image the network marketing company wants to present to the public as well as they lead the consumer directly to the site where they can place orders. If you can’t lead your customer to the store—they can’t buy. It’s just that simple.
Some companies offer websites that you can still have the company’s image and logo and still lead them to the site where they can purchase, however you have a few more freedoms on adding your personal touch to the site like a personal message. This could be easily monitored as well as edited by the company’s Webmaster in case their representative makes a false claim on the site. With all of these issues in mind, the best solution for networking your business through the Internet may be to go with your company’s regulations and site requirements. If you are marketing your own personal company, be sure you check with the government to make certain your site is under regulations. A little research now can save a lot of headache later.

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