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Three Ways To Make Residual Income
Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

There are three different ways to earn residual income. Residual income is
income that a person earns again and again for something they do once. They
can earn it through a home business, investments or direct marketing. Each
method will provide the chance to earn a great income without putting in a
lot of hours. That is the beauty of residual income: a person works hard to
set it up and then it works hard providing them money on a regular basis.

Having a business is a way to make residual income where a person is in
control. Unlike other methods, in a business a person sets up the system
themselves. They design how t works and the payment method. They create
the whole system, so they can tailor it to their needs. A business can be
created by a person reselling products they buy or selling products they
create. It usually requires a large upfront investment to get started in a
business. It can also be difficult to make a business successful if a
person is not well educated in business matters. This type of residual
income is not immediate, either. A person will have to work very hard for
substantial amount of time before they can start to earn a continuous income
through their business.

Investments are an easy method of residual income. All a person needs to do
is figure out how to invest their money. They could invest in stocks, real
estate or a business. This method requires very little work. All a person
needs to do is invest their money and then monitor it to make sure they are
earning and not losing. The down side of investing is that it requires a
large amount of money upfront. Without a large amount up front there is no
opportunity to earn.

The most popular method is direct marketing. Direct marketing is the method
of selling and establishing a sales team to build a residual income. Direct
marketing is also referred to as multi level marketing or MLM. A person
joins a MLM company that is already established. The company handles
everything except marketing, selling and signing up new team members. Most
MLM programs can be started with little to no start up costs. The company
usually provides training and even a website to get a person started. There
are a variety of MLM programs from which to choose, so a person is sure to
find something that interests them. The biggest issues with MLM is that
many people jump into it without really being passionate about the products,
they simply focus on the recruiting side. A true business can not succeed,
though, without both sales and recruiting. However, this is one of the best
ways to earn a continuous income.

These three ways to make a residual income are the most common ways people
earn. They are very diverse and each offers something great. Every
business will have a downside, but the persons job is to overcome that.
Success only comes through hard work and being passionate about the
business. Anyone should be able to take one of these methods and turn out a
great residual income.


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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Key To Successful Residual Cash Income
Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

A successful residual cash income comes from hard work. Residual income is
not built in a day. It takes time and work. The key to successful residual
cash income is marketing. The bottom line is to build a good business a
person has to market and do a good job at it. Marketing is not limited to
online, as many people believe. A person has many marketing opportunities.

The key to building a successful residual cash income is marketing the
opportunity to others. If a person starts a business and never tells anyone
about it then they will never be able to sell anything. Every business
markets in one way or another. All a person has to do is take their passion
about the product and get it out there to others.

A good marketing strategy is to develop a slogan or catch phrase. It should
reflect the business and be something that is easy to remember, but hard to
forget. Businesses do this all the time. Almost everyone can recall famous
ad campaigns slogans or catch phrases. These represent the business and the
product. They help customers to relate to the business and develop a
loyalty to the product. It should be simple, but creative. It is not going
to be easy to come up with, but once a business owner develops it they will
find it really helps their marketing efforts.

Marketing online is especially difficult. The internet is a big place and
it is often difficult to catch someone’s eye. The thing a business owner
should keep in mind is that they need to target a certain group of people.
This is called a target market. They should have a fairly good idea of the
type of person that will purchase their product. Then they simply advertise
in places online where their target market are likely to be. This makes it
much easier to catch their attention and sell to them.

The combination of a slogan and target market will equal a good marketing
campaign. This along, though will not equal success. The last part of a
good marketing campaign is monitoring the efforts. A person needs to make
sure that their marketing efforts are actually producing results. Why spend
time and money advertising somewhere when it is not producing results.
There are plenty of online programs that will allow a business owner to
track their marketing efforts.

Developing a good marketing campaign and having a target market are
essential to successful marketing and through monitoring it a business owner
can successfully earn residual cash income. Each part of the marketing plan
is important, so a business owner must ensure they make sure each part is
being done properly. Marketing can seem like a difficult challenge, but
with this three part formula it is easy.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Ins And Outs Of Passive Residual Income
Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

Almost everyone who is interested in online business or working at home has
heard of residual income. They understand what it is and how to make it.
There is another form of residual income - passive residual income that
people may not be so familiar with. It is like residual income and many
might actually already be making passive residual income and not even know
it. However, it can help to become familiar with the ins and outs of
passive residual income, if not to understand it, just to learn how to make
their passive residual income opportunity better.

Residual income is income that is earned over and over for completing a task
once. Passive residual income is residual income that comes form
investments. For example, real estate is a residual income. If a person
buys an apartment complex they then rent out the apartment units and earn a
passive residual income on their initial real estate investment in the form
of rent every month. With residual income the investment is more about
time, not money, so passive residual income is a lot easier to start and
requires minimal time, which is why it is called passive.

Passive residual income offers many benefits. For a person who has the
money to invest, they can build a nice income with very little work up front
and almost no more work after that. All it takes is a little monitoring.
It is also very flexible. Most sources of passive residual income can be
handled form anywhere. A person does not even need an office. It also
provides a person with a lot of freedom. Since they no longer have to spend
hours a day working to make an income, they can now spend their time they
way they want to. They are free to enjoy life and actually spend the money
the work for, instated of spending their time working with little or no free
time to actually enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is also possible for a
person to have more than one passive residual income opportunity. Since
they do not have to put in a lot of work, they can invest in a few different
projects and earn money from all of them at the same time. This is what is
called multiple streams of income and is one of the top ways to earning good
money. Overall, passive residual income just allows a person to do what
they love, to be able to provide for their family and themselves without
having to work themselves crazy.

When it comes to earning money, many people are turning to the benefits of
residual income. It just makes sense. If a person is lucky enough to have
the ability to try a passive residual income then they will get even more
benefits. It is something that takes the focus of life off of making money
and puts it on enjoying life.


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Keep It Smart To Earn Residual Income Online
Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

Part of making a good residual income online is learning to use the internet
right. There are many ways a person can use their website and the internet
to create residual income, but not every way will produce a really good
stream if residual income. If a person learns the right way to use their
website and the internet, though, they can expect to earn a steady stream of
residual income online.

When the internet became a mainstream way to do business it opened a world
of opportunity to entrepreneurs. The internet is a world wide marketplace
that never closes. A business can literally sell everyday, all day,
forever. The problem, though, is that the internet can also be confusing
and many people fall into the trap of not using right or using it to its
full potential. The best online business are run by people who understand
how to use the internet to its full potential.

Websites are great sales tools, no doubt. They are also very easy to
misuse. A website must be professional looking and easy to use. In trying
to create a great website these concepts are often lost. If a customer can
not find their way around the site they will click away and may never
return. The same is for an unprofessional website. People need to be able
to trust and believe in an online business. They are not seeing any
physical product or storefront, so it is essential they build faith in the
business or else they just won’t shop there.

The internet is a great tool for communicating. However, many times people
misuse the communication abilities. Email is often times horribly misused.
That is why almost every email provider now has spam guards that send
anything that may be spam to a special box or deletes it. Many times
businesses get caught in spam guards and people never get the email
communication. The best way to avoid this is to approach customers in a way
that allows a relationship to be built. If a relationship is established
they are more likely to open an email from that company instead of hitting
the spam button.

The internet should be a tool, not the sole existence of a business. It
should be used to communicate with customers not in place of a real sense of
communication between the customer and business owner. The lack of a
personal touch on the internet is its one main downfall. Some people even
avoid online shopping all together because of this. So the best way to get
the most from the internet and websites is to use them to build a good
relationship with the customer. If a business owner is smart about using
the internet then they should be successful in building an online residual

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

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Start To Earn Residual Income While Working From
Home With Little Time and Money

Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

The chance to earn residual income while working from home is a far better
option than commuting to a job to earn linear income. With residual income
a person earns money over and over again for a job they do once. With
linear income a person only earns money each time they do a task. The choice
is obviously clear about which is more desirable. Additionally, who
wouldn’t love a chance to work from home instead of having to go to a job
everyday? Besides being able to work form home and earn a residual income,
network marketing allows a person to do so with little time or money

Many people are afraid to jump into working at home. It is a scary idea to
leave the comfort of the corporate world to work at home for an employer
that is far away in an office that will probably never be seen. That is
what makes residual income nice. A person does not have to leave their full
time job to stay at home and earn a residual income. A residual income
source does not require a person to be present for it to keep generating
money. Getting started is the most time consuming. It may take a few weeks
or even months to get started, but once it is started it will generate a
residual income. Eventually, a person may even find they are making enough
to finally be able to quit their job and start working from home.

One reason many people choose to work from home is that they want more time
and freedom. Working a 40 hour a week job leaves little time for household
chores and even less time to spend with friends and family. When a person
builds a residual income they end up with a lot of time - free time. They
can begin to enjoy life and forget about spending hours at work. Working at
home can sometimes be just as time consuming, but when a person is working
from home making a residual income, then they can be sure they will have
freedom. A residual income by nature takes little time, so that means more
time to do things a person really wants to do.

Earning a residual income by working at home is something that is very
possible. It is a great option for someone who is a bit skeptical about
being able to earn a living working at home because they can stay in their
current job while they build their residual income business. Then when they
start seeing great results they can finally say goodbye to that old job and
start working from home and enjoying the freedom that comes with it.


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Friday, January 05, 2007

A Variety Of Ways That Anyone Can Create Residual Income
Copyright © Zamzuri Zakaria

Residual income is not just limited to multi level marketing opportunities.
There are a variety of ways anyone can create residual income. Some take
more work than others, but the bottom lone is that a person can draw an
income from doing work just one time. When compared to how most people earn
money in working a typical job, called linear income, earning over and over
for doing something once is well worth the initial effort.

Residual income is not just for those interested in marketing. In fact,
there are so many opportunities to create residual income that anyone can
find a way they like. MLM’s are not the first residual income opportunity.
In fact, residual income has been around for a long time. The following
list explains different ways to create residual income that have been around
long before MLM‘s.

1. Try becoming part of the entertainment sector. Many people do not
realize it but residual income opportunities are very prevalent in the main
stream entertainment world. Many entertainment industry jobs are nothing
but residual income. Write a book, act in a television show or record a
record to make residual income. A person usually sells their product to a
producer or publisher who in turn pays them every time someone buys, watches
or hears their creation.

2. Cash in on what you already have. Oil wells are potential for enormous
residual income. Let an oil company drill on your land, if they find oil
you get a cut of their profits. Everyone knows what kind of money people in
the oil business make, so why not take a chance. The best part is there is
no work on your part at all. What better opportunity is there?

3. Get into real estate. Real estate is another big money maker. Many
people have made their riches off buying property or land. Buy an apartment
complex and get the residual income of monthly rent from tenants. Or buy a
piece of land and let someone build there for a lot rent.

4. Invest money. Investments do not even have to be anything big. A person
who owns a savings account is already earning residual income through
interest. There are other accounts that pay out much larger percentages of
interest. Stocks are another investment opportunity. Talk to an investment
professional about it to get the best opportunities.

While these opportunities may seem like along shot, they are opportunities
nonetheless. Many people have succeeded in these types of residual income
opportunities. Anything is possible if a person has the drive and
dedication. For those looking for something different, one of the above
ideas is a great place to start to create residual income.


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