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A Variety Of Ways That Anyone Can Create Residual Income
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Residual income is not just limited to multi level marketing opportunities.
There are a variety of ways anyone can create residual income. Some take
more work than others, but the bottom lone is that a person can draw an
income from doing work just one time. When compared to how most people earn
money in working a typical job, called linear income, earning over and over
for doing something once is well worth the initial effort.

Residual income is not just for those interested in marketing. In fact,
there are so many opportunities to create residual income that anyone can
find a way they like. MLM’s are not the first residual income opportunity.
In fact, residual income has been around for a long time. The following
list explains different ways to create residual income that have been around
long before MLM‘s.

1. Try becoming part of the entertainment sector. Many people do not
realize it but residual income opportunities are very prevalent in the main
stream entertainment world. Many entertainment industry jobs are nothing
but residual income. Write a book, act in a television show or record a
record to make residual income. A person usually sells their product to a
producer or publisher who in turn pays them every time someone buys, watches
or hears their creation.

2. Cash in on what you already have. Oil wells are potential for enormous
residual income. Let an oil company drill on your land, if they find oil
you get a cut of their profits. Everyone knows what kind of money people in
the oil business make, so why not take a chance. The best part is there is
no work on your part at all. What better opportunity is there?

3. Get into real estate. Real estate is another big money maker. Many
people have made their riches off buying property or land. Buy an apartment
complex and get the residual income of monthly rent from tenants. Or buy a
piece of land and let someone build there for a lot rent.

4. Invest money. Investments do not even have to be anything big. A person
who owns a savings account is already earning residual income through
interest. There are other accounts that pay out much larger percentages of
interest. Stocks are another investment opportunity. Talk to an investment
professional about it to get the best opportunities.

While these opportunities may seem like along shot, they are opportunities
nonetheless. Many people have succeeded in these types of residual income
opportunities. Anything is possible if a person has the drive and
dedication. For those looking for something different, one of the above
ideas is a great place to start to create residual income.


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