Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are marketing forums a waste of time?

Recently I've had a lot of people ask me about the
Internet marketing communities springing up all over the Web.

You know the ones I'm talking about...

... The discussion forums and chat rooms hosted by so-called
Internet marketing gurus who promise members "unlimited access"
to them and their team of experts -- but the only people you
meet in their forums are beginner marketers who are still
struggling to make their first dollar online!

In order to help you determine which are worth joining -- and
which are a colossal waste of time -- here are three questions
you need to ask before getting involved in any of these


Question #1: Are your questions guaranteed to be answered by
an experienced Internet marketing professional?


Let's face it... Other Internet marketers can be a useful source
of useful information -- provided they have actual experience
running successful online businesses!

You don't want to get involved in a community where the only
suggestions you get are from people who are simply parroting
things they've read online, without ever having tried the
strategies for themselves.

So when someone offers you a piece of advice, ask them for
REAL PROOF they know it actually works. If they can't provide
it, it's time to move on.


Question #2: Are your questions guaranteed to be answered
within a specific time frame?


I've seen it happen again and again -- people join an online
marketing community desperate for advice from a seasoned
marketing professional. So they post their most pressing
questions and wait impatiently for someone to answer them.

And they wait... And wait... And wait...

... Meanwhile, they're losing out on potential sales
because they're not taking any decisive action with their


Question #3: Will the "experts" give you a detailed analysis
of your website -- and offer concrete suggestions for


If you could ask just ONE question of a seasoned marketing
professional, here's what it should be:

"Will you review my website?"

If they say no, then my advice to you is: find another community
to join.

Without a doubt, you'll get more value out of a detailed website
review than any other information a seasoned professional can

A reputable online expert will give your site a full
"diagnostic" -- and let you know exactly what changes you need
to make to your website and salescopy to improve your

By asking these three questions, you can make sure you join a
community populated with real Internet marketing professionals
who will deliver real advice -- and help you get REAL results!

Personally, I've done some research and I think the only
online community worth joining is Derek Gehl's exclusive
"Internet Entrepreneur Club."

It delivers an immense amount of value that you simply will
not find anywhere else.

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REAL Internet marketing experts, you also get:

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