Monday, December 04, 2006

Network Marketing Company
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The battle of the Network Marketing companies, all competing to rise to the top of the multi-level marketing business and sign the most important person in their business, you. In network marketing, companies rely of the training and the “passing of the torch” from one marketing associate to the other in order to gain more employees. More employees mean one thing to network marketing affiliates, more sales, more media coverage, and more promotion.
In marketing, nothing works as fast as word of mouth. How does this work? Say Suzie Q decided to be a stay at home mom but still needs some extra income. She wants to work from the home and still have the time she needs in order to help raise her family. Suzie Q might try a network marketing company such as Pampered Chef or Avon (These two have been around for quite some time and have a solid reputation) in order to set her own business hours and goals for her income. Suzie Q tries her company, works a couple or more hours per week and is seeing some money coming in. Suzie Q is ecstatic, she just can’t believe how much she’s earning and loving her new home-based business, so Suzie Q tells Jane, her best friend that’s working full-time but just needs some extra income for those odds and ends that she’s wanted to save up for. Jane signs on and tells her friend Sally who tells her friend Tammy. See how this works? And guess what? Suzie Q is making a percentage of everything all of those people are selling. And before you know it, because of Suzie Q, the entire town knows about Pampered Chef and many are buying and selling.
Many find this type of marketing brilliant and many do not. Why? Well, mainly because of the different companies. When the network-marketing craze began about 20 years ago, like with anything, some wonderful companies emerged and hot on their tails where the not so reputable companies with scam artists leading the way. Taking money for their services and promising riches and giving nothing in return. This hurt the network marketing market for a little while but they’re bouncing back with a vengeance.
Many wonderful companies have combated the negative image and have gotten positive returns. If you’re looking for a reputation Network Marketing Company to begin your home-based business, or if someone has approached you with an opportunity and you’re still leery, it’s best to check out the reputation of that company before signing. Check with the Direct Sales Association for company affiliation. It’s an organization that holds Network Marketing Companies to a higher standard. Contact the Better Business Bureau and ask questions about specific companies and most importantly go with your instinct. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

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