Saturday, November 11, 2006

Making More Money on Ebay
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Have you ever wondered how to make more money on Ebay? How do those power sellers make thousands of dollars a month on Ebay? What encourages buyers to bid on their item? One thing that will increase your bids is to include a picture with your listing. Statistics have shown that an auction that includes at least one picture with the listing will sell 65% better and for 23% more money than the same listing without a picture. Make sure the quality of the picture you use is as high as possible. Make sure you use a scanner with a very high resolution or use a very good quality digital camera for your picture. If the picture was taken in bad lighting or is out of focus, then it will look amateurish and will not make anyone want to buy from you.

Be sure to tell your buyers up front what your expectations are from them. You should give specifics on what payment methods you will accept, what shipping methods you use, when the product will be delivered, your refund policies, and any other business practices that you have. Your buyer needs to feel comfortable buying from you since they are going to be sending money to someone that they have never met and they are most likely going to be suspicious. The best way to gain your buyer’s trust is to offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. Of course, you may get a couple of buyers that will take advantage of this, but you will lure more buyers to your product and make them want to buy from you and this will increase your sales by a whole lot.

Another way you can increase your earnings from your Ebay auction, is to check the completed items listed before you put your items up for auction. By doing this, you will be able to see the various auctions for the item that you are wanting to sell and see the different prices that they went for. You may notice a different name for some items that went for a higher amount. If you do see a trend with the items that went for more, then be sure to use it in your auction.

When you make the title for your product, leave out the words “wow” and “look”. No one searches for those words when they are looking for items and they are just a waste of space. When you are writing your items description, be as specific as possible. Try to include as much information about the item as you can fit in. Lastly, do not charge a ridiculously high shipping price. It is okay to charge a little extra for your cost on packaging and the time you take to package it, but any more than that and people will turn away from your auction.

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